Caleb Cain Marcus


Caleb Cain Marcus’ practice has moved toward the abstract, his photographs are not visual reproductions but references to how we conceptualize thoughts and feelings.

In describing the world, he dismantles the building blocks of visual processing by eliminating perspective, scale and implied narrative. His work compels us to experience it in the present without relying on past knowledge and fosters an interaction that slows down the process of looking.

Cain Marcus’ photographs are combined with layers of paint to create deep, complex and evocative color. His belief is that through color we experience pieces of the universe that otherwise could not be expressed.

His prints have been collected by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Getty Museum, the High Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, among other institutions. His work has been presented at the Ross Museum at the Ohio Wesleyan, the National Academy of Sciences in DC, the Houston Center for Photograph in Houston, Tufts Art Gallery in Boston, Palm beach photo Center in West Palm beach, among others. His photographs have been published in six monographs and multiple anthologies. He received his MFA from Columbia University. Cain Marcus is a Telluride, Colorado native living in New York City, New York.

Getty Museum
High Museum of Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Museum of Fine Arts Houston