May 27 – Jul 4, 2021

A Group Exhibition

May 27 – July 4, 2021

Telluride Gallery of Fine Art 

Yassi Mazandi, Poppy Podceramic

Image: Yassi Mazandi, “Poppy Pod,”  2019-20, ceramic, 10.5 x 9 x 9 in.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The Telluride Gallery of Fine Art is pleased to present the first exhibition of an exciting summer program. Vessel will be on view from May 27 – July 4, 2021. Join us for an opening reception on Thursday, May 27, from 5pm – 8pm, and for two local Art Walk evenings on June 3 and July 1, from 5pm – 8pm. Vessel brings together artists both new and familiar to the Telluride Gallery: Bennett Bean, Nicholas Bernard, Christian Burchard, Angel Chen, Rebecca Crowell, Dana Flores, Yassi Mazandi, Goedele Vanhille, Michael Wisner, and Polina Perl. These artists work in a variety of media ranging from ceramics to wood to oil paint.

A vessel is generous by nature in that it provides a protected space for its contents that can be shared, transported, or kept dear. What connects the work of this assorted group of artists doesn't physically meet the eye. Instead, the empty spaces permit the viewer to complete the image and envision what could be contained within. Imagination is encouraged by Chen's undulating ceramic forms and the pinhole openings into Bernard's spherical structures. Perl’s work focuses on the material; she uses clay to convey her own cosmological vision of the world. The iridescence of Bean's ceramic bowls and the strength of Vanhille's porcelain vases invite us to look deeply within and consider what might belong there. The subtractive techniques that produced the geometry of Wisner's designs and the symmetry of Mazandi's objects remind us that less is sometimes more and that negative space is to be celebrated. Burchard's sculptures take many shapes and are born from a fascination with wood’s inner structures and a desire to expose this beauty. Meanwhile, Crowell’s paintings aim “to achieve structural integrity and strength through the accumulation of contrasting bold and quiet passages and nuanced surfaces.” Finally, Flores lets nature and history inform her sculptural practice, giving rise to ceramic and stoneware pieces that are as individually unique as nature itself.

On Wednesday, June 23, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm, join the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art and yogini Stephanie Chee Barea for an evening of guided relaxation and a sound journey that aims to nurture both the body and mind as vessels of luminosity. All levels of ability and experience are welcome. $50 per student. Please click here to register.