Eva Chimento joins Telluride Gallery of Fine Art as Director

September 1, 2020

TELLURIDE, CO.- The Telluride Gallery of Fine Art announced the appointment of former Los Angeles gallerist Eva Chimento as its new Director. Chimento’s first major exhibition as Director of the gallery will be the upcoming Ed Moses “Saving the Best for Last,” the only 2020 solo show of the iconic L.A. painter who passed away two years ago.

In addition, Allison Cannella joins as Gallery Associate from New York where she was a member of the David Zwirner sales team and founding member and curatorial advisor of The Immigrant Artist Biennial.

Partner Ashley Hayward, daughter of abstract minimalist James Hayward, acquired the thirty five year old Telluride gallery in 2017 along with partner Michael Goldberg. The two expanded the gallery’s direction to include both post-war modern and contemporary art with a special focus on contemporary artists from and informed by Southern California. Say’s Hayward, “At this time when the traditional gallery model is ever-evolving, we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Eva and Allison--bringing both East and West coast perspectives to Telluride.” Hayward continues, “With Eva’s 26 years of experience in the art world, from museums to galleries as well as a gallery owner herself, we are excited about her vision and the plans she already has underway with the gallery’s growing list of artists.”

Chimento will expand the gallery’s community initiatives and public art interests as well as integrate the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art’s program with some of her own former gallery artists such as Cole Case and Michi Meko as well as L.A.-based artists including Andy Woll, who will be participating in the gallery’s winter 2021 group exhibition with Dan McCleary, Christine Nguyen, and Lucas Reiner.

Eva Chimento came to the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art after closing her own five year old Los Angeles gallery. Chimento Contemporary focused on mid-career LA-based artists with a few emerging and international artists in the mix. The gallery participated in 17 art fairs and produced over 45 exhibitions. Eva has worked in the arts in Los Angeles for over two decades. She started in museum administration in the early 1990’s and went on to work for numerous galleries such as ACME, Koplin Gallery, and Patricia Correia Gallery.

Allison Cannella joins the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art following a lifelong dream to live in the mountains and work in the arts. She moved from New York City where for several years she worked in a variety of roles at David Zwirner Gallery, most recently as a sales assistant.

Cannella is one of the founding members of The Immigrant Artist Biennial, a volunteer, female-led project that promotes the work of immigrant artists in the U.S. The 2020 Biennial held a performance event at the Brooklyn Museum before the pandemic, and then transitioned into a fully virtual programming lineup that included panel discussions, online exhibitions, and artist roundtables. Allison holds a Masters in Modern and Contemporary Art History from Columbia University and brings both her sales and curatorial practice to Telluride to support the gallery’s diverse roster of artists.

The Telluride Gallery of Fine Art was founded in 1985. At the time, the gallery was the only venue in Telluride dedicated to exhibiting the work of established American, local and regional artists. New owners Ashley Hayward and Michael Goldberg acquired the gallery in 2017 and expanded its direction to include both post-war modern and contemporary art by leading artists of national reputation with a special focus on art from Southern California or art informed by an LA perspective. Partner and curator Ashley Hayward, the daughter of abstract minimalist James Hayward, came of age in the heady emerging art scene of Los Angeles and it’s Cool School artists.

Committed to presenting regional and national artists whether in early or established careers, the gallery stable is always searching for those rare creative’s known as “artist’s artists.” These individuals often inspire other artists with their eccentric brilliance or unique, path-breaking style that is ahead of the times. Some of these figures may already be recognized—but others might be unsung talents, perhaps known mostly to other artists but still underexposed in the larger art world.

The Gallery has consistently demonstrated a pioneering interest in showing progressive, innovative creative’s who may work in diverse mediums but exhibit a singular perspective or distinctive style that defines them. Many of the artists the gallery exhibits have been role models for generations of younger artists, including for example Edward Moses, Tony Berlant, and Maya Lin.

The Telluride Gallery of Fine Art continues today to break new ground by honoring its educational mission to transcend barriers to the appreciation of art. It is our commitment to be a strong supporter of the local arts community and to strive to make significant contributions to encourage art and artist dialogue through our unique gallery programs and offerings, art lending library, informative catalogs, interpretive tools, artist films, lectures, and docent programs.

The Gallery is located in the Historic District of Telluride.

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